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A Civil Engineer and researcher. His research interests include:

  • Concrete structures.
  • Structural materials.
  • Innovation of new construction materials.
  • Utilization of various recycled wastes as concrete materials.
  • Preparation of eco-friendly concrete for a green environment.

Md. Toriqule has accomplished his Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Civil Engineering from Pabna University of Science and Technology, Pabna-6600, Bangladesh. 

He has published a scientific research paper entitled, ‘Performance of rubberized concrete exposed to chloride solution and continuous wet-dry cycle’ (link). Through this research, he has successfully developed sustainable M20 rubberized concrete with waste and recycled tires. He is currently working on two projects that are also including recycled waste utilization in construction work.

Along with curricular activities, he participates in various national and international workshops and webinars related to research, leadership, and resource management. He is eager to be a part of the international community.


 Articles written by him:

  1. Performance of rubberized concrete exposed to chloride solution and continuous wet – dry cycle. Innovative Infrastructure Solutions (Springer Q2 Journal) 2021. https://doi.org/10.1007/s41062-020-00451-3 (Co-write with Islam M, Siddika A, Mamun A Al).
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