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Monjur Morshed

Monjur Morshed

Monjur Morshed

Monjur Morshed stands out as a beacon of knowledge and passion in the environmental and safety sector. He brings a blend of experience and academic qualifications to the table, providing relatability to complex subjects. Having completed his Master of Science (MSc) in Environmental Science and Management from Jahangirnagar University, Morshed boasts a solid educational foundation. With over 14 years of experience as a health, safety, and environmental expert in the gas plant and power plant sectors, both domestically and internationally, he has demonstrated his expertise.

Beyond his contributions to the industry, Morshed is a regular contributor to various news portals, addressing critical health and environmental concerns. In addition to his insightful articles, he has also made a mark in the international academic arena, with several of his scientific research papers published in prestigious journals.


  • Chevron Bibiyana Gas Plant.
  • 750MW Misrata Combined Cycle Power Plant. (Libya)
  • 100MW Power Pac Mutiara HFO Based Power Plant.
  • 5MW Gas-Based Max Power Plant.
  • 163MW Kushiara Combined Cycle Power Plant.
  • 220MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, OEG India.

His research interests include:

  • Environmental Degradation.
  • Industrial Effluent.
  • Impact of unplanned industrialization.
  • Occupational environment, health, and safety.
  • Environmental effect in the community.

Research Activity

Article in Bangla
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