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dhaka air quality index recorded total 23 days as unhealthy within october 2023
Bangladesh Environment Pollution Monjur Morshed

Dhaka Air Quality Index Recorded a total of 23 days as “unhealthy” in October 2023

Dhaka Air Quality Index Recorded a total of 23 days as “unhealthy” in October 2023

monjur morshed

In October 2023, the Air Quality Index (AQI) was significantly high in Dhaka. AQI recorded 23 days as “unhealthy” in the last month.

In this period maximum AQI was 183, while the minimum AQI was 77, and the 31-day average AQI was 152.5 (source-IQair). In this article, we will analyze day-to-day AQI data with acceptable limits for human life.

Fig 1: Dhaka AQI record for October 2023
Fig 1: Dhaka AQI record for October 2023

AQI Information for October 2023

Dhaka’s air quality was significantly worse in October 2023, with the highest AQI recorded 183 on October 17th. This level falls within the “unhealthy” range, posing a severe risk to public health.

The lowest AQI recorded was 77 on 3rd October which is in “moderate” AQI level. We observed a total of 23 days in October with more than 150 AQI, 05 days within the range of 101 to 150 AQI considered as “unhealthy for sensitive group” and only the remaining 03 days were within 51 to 100 AQI range in the “moderate” group. It is noticeable that during the end of the month, AQI was recorded as a higher range.

Fig 2: AQI level and health recommendation
Fig 2: AQI level and health recommendation

Importance of AQI:

According to the National Weather Service (USA), The Air Quality Index plays a crucial role in notifying the public about the quality of air and its potential health impacts. It provides a standardized metric to estimate air pollution levels and categorizes them into various ranges.

That can help people to make decisions about outdoor activities. By monitoring the AQI, government authorities can take necessary steps to address pollution sources and implement potential measures to safeguard public health.

The availability of real-time AQI data also aids policymakers in formulating effective strategies to fight air pollution and mitigate its detrimental effects on both human health and the environment.

Recommendations for Mitigation:

A study was conducted to find mitigation strategies for reducing air pollution (source). Addressing the air pollution crisis in Dhaka requires collective efforts from all stakeholders, including policymakers, industries, and citizens. Here are some recommendations for mitigating air pollution and improving the air quality in the Dhaka city:

Promote sustainable transportation: Encouraging the use of public transportation, cycling, and walking can help reduce vehicular emissions, a significant contributor to air pollution.

Enhance industrial emission controls: Industries should adopt cleaner production techniques, invest in pollution control technologies, and comply with environmental regulations to minimize emissions.

Strengthen waste management practices: Proper waste disposal, recycling, and waste-to-energy initiatives can significantly reduce open burning and its associated air pollution.

Plant more trees: Urban green spaces and tree planting initiatives help absorb pollutants, reduce temperatures, and enhance the overall air quality in the city.

Raise awareness and education: Public awareness campaigns about the detrimental effects of air pollution, as well as the adoption of cleaner practices, can encourage behavioral changes and promote a sustainable environment.


Monitoring and addressing air quality in Dhaka is crucial for safeguarding public health and creating a sustainable living environment.

By implementing the recommended mitigation strategies, we can strive towards cleaner air, healthier lives, and a brighter future for Dhaka. Let us collectively work towards creating an environment where clean air becomes a fundamental right for all.

Dhaka Air Quality Index (AQI) and Bangladesh Air Pollution

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