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bangladesh demands to double the funds to deal with the climate crisis
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Bangladesh demands to double the funds to deal with the climate crisis

Bangladesh demands to double the funds to deal with the climate crisis

In addition to science-based solutions to the global crisis due to climate change, Bangladesh has demanded to double the adaptation funds for the countries affected by the crisis.

Bangladesh has said that if global warming is to be limited to 1.5 degrees, major decisions have to be taken regarding fossil burning.

Expressing disappointment over the draft’s weak adaptation targets, Bangladesh said reining in global carbon emissions would require a political commitment from countries that emit the most carbon. Developed countries must take the lead in limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Saber Hossain Chowdhury, Prime Minister’s climate envoy and head of the Bangladesh delegation at the ongoing climate conference in Dubai, said, “If the global temperature increase is to be kept within 1.5 degrees Celsius, a decision has to be taken regarding fossil fuels.”

“Many countries are talking a lot. But we have to pay attention to what science says. Decisions must be scientifically based,” he added.

Referring to the weak draft of the adaptation targets, the Bangladesh Prime Minister’s climate envoy further said, “We are reviewing the draft of the global adaptation targets.” “Hopefully, we will be able to strengthen this draft in the last two days with like-minded countries,” he further said.

Shahab Uddin, Minister of Forest, Environment and Climate Change (MOFECC), Bangladesh, said, “We will give importance to new and additional government funding. Bangladesh needs to double its adaptation funds for robust implementation of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP).”

Regarding Bangladesh’s readiness to receive compensation money, Farhina Ahmed Bangladesh’s Environment Secretary said,” Bangladesh is fully ready to take money from this fund. We are working on this.”

In this regard, Simon Steele, the head of the United Nations Climate Affairs Organization, said, “In order to reach a meaningful agreement in Dubai, we have to abandon the mentality of creating obstacles.”

Cooperation of all countries is required in the approval of the global stocktake. Win or, defeat has nothing here.”

“I win, you lose — this mentality has to be abandoned. Here a failure of one means failure of all, which will push the world’s 8 billion people to disaster,” he warned.

“So everyone at the negotiating table should focus on what is good for everyone. The aim of all countries should be to reach a final agreement for the well-being of all people of the world,” he advised.

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