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bangladesh native birds are disappearing at an alarming rate
Aivee Akther Bangladesh Natural Environment

Bangladesh native birds are disappearing at an alarming rate

Bangladesh native birds are disappearing at an alarming rate


Native birds are disappearing from nature at an alarming rate. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), more than seven hundred species of birds are in Bangladesh

Among them, 39 species of birds are on the verge of extinction. Furthermore, 17 species of birds are on the endangered list. Experts said that climate change, habitat destruction, and lack of awareness are the reasons for their extinction.

They said if it does not take any initiative to save the birds from extinction, it will be challenging to maintain the balance of nature.

One can easily spend an afternoon watching a flock of birds fluttering their wings over the vast paddy fields.

Alternatively, birds chirping in the evening can forget the sad times. If nothing else, the feeling of love and affection for these birds, the nature ornament, is nothing less.

In Bengal, which is full of biodiversity, even a few centuries ago, starting from the courtyard of the house, the fields, reservoirs, and forests were full of birds of all kinds.

At once, all kinds of birds flew in flocks, including magpie robins, Sparrow, Starling, Tailorbirds, Drongo, Woodpeckers, Black-tailed Godwit, and White duck in Bangladesh.

Due to the temperate climate, this region was a paradise for birds. However, now the picture is different. Birds are disappearing from nature.

IUCN data says that 19 species of birds have disappeared from the country so far. Another 39 species of birds are under threat. Among them, seven critically endangered species, five species are endangered, and five more species of birds are on the vulnerable list.

Forests are mainly the habitat of native birds; besides rivers, Haor, Baor and various water bodies, aquatic birds live on the coast. Habitat destruction and lack of food have threatened the migration of these birds.

Engineers of nature, these birds create forests, maintaining the balance of biodiversity. Nature without birds is dead. So ornithologists are urged to protect birds from extinction and take care of them.

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