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Bangladesh Prime Minister's 5 proposals to save the Planet
Amila Khan Bangladesh

Bangladesh Prime Minister’s 5 proposals to save the Planet

Bangladesh Prime Minister’s 5 proposals to save the Planet

By Amila Khan

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made five proposals calling for protecting the world and the human race from the adverse effects of climate change. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made the call in a video message at a high-level roundtable meeting on ‘Climate Action’ at the UN headquarters on Thursday (September 24th).

The recommendations are:

  1. To increase international cooperation protecting the world and the human race;
  2. Keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius and implementation of all articles of the Paris Agreement;
  3. Providing promised funds to countries affected by climate change;
  4. Polluting countries must take the necessary mitigation measures to meet nationally defined contributions (NDCs), and
  5. Recognize that it is a global responsibility to rehabilitate climate refugees.

Highlighting Bangladesh’s experience, the Prime Minister said Bangladesh has some ideas and expertise on adaptation and resilience to climate change. Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 has been formulated to address the challenges of climate change and water management.

The Prime Minister highlighted the various steps taken by Bangladesh in tackling the disaster of climate change at this time.

Sheikh Hasina said, “We have built 4,291 cyclone shelters, 523 flood shelters and we have 56,000 volunteers. That’s why we’ve joined the RIP initiative, which aim is to save one billion people worldwide from disaster by 2025.”

In her speech, the Prime Minister spoke about the current chairman of Bangladesh CVF and the recent establishment of a regional office of the Global Center of Adaptation in Dhaka.

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