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people have to be aware to stop noise pollution in bangladesh
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People have to be aware to stop Noise pollution in Bangladesh

People have to be aware to stop Noise pollution in Bangladesh


Noise pollution patients are now in every home. Its remedy is urgent now. By making a comparative visualization of the sound levels of night and day, everyone should get to know the severity.

Meanwhile, the law enforcement agencies have to punish the noise polluters by enforcing Bangladesh environmental ACT, 1995.

Under the ‘Integrated and Partnership Project on Noise Pollution Control,’ an exchange of views with key stakeholders was held on February 26, 2022, at the Faridpur Deputy Commissioner’s Meeting Room in collaboration with the Center for Atmospheric Pollution Studies – CAPS  and EQMS Consulting Limited.

Speakers said noise pollution patients are now at every home. Especially those who suffer from a heart attack are most at risk due to noise pollution. Other consequences include headaches, deafness in the ears, and other diseases.

Without the immediate enforcement of environmental pollution control laws, there will be more risks. People have to go through much pain. If needed police force should involve reducing the noise level.

Hydraulic horns, fireworks – these must stop entirely, and at the same time, it is vital to control the use of unnecessary horns.

The speakers further said that the drivers and the general public need to be made aware first to control the loud music. It is essential to consider comparing the sound level during night and daytime.

Bangladesh’s Department of Environment has taken a country-wide project to prevent noise pollution in each district by measuring noise levels through surveys and mass awareness building. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Kamruzzaman Majumdar, the CAPS founder and chairman, is leading the survey activities.

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