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the hatirjheel (bangladesh) is now a wastewater lagoon in the middle of dhaka city
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The Hatirjheel (Bangladesh) is now a wastewater lagoon in the middle of Dhaka City

The Hatirjheel (Bangladesh) is now a wastewater lagoon in the middle of Dhaka City


Even though only rainwater is supposed to come, sewage flows into Hatirjheel through the drainage line. Domestic sewage, industrial waste, and fish markets wastewater from the adjacent areas and markets have entered Hatirjheel. Moreover, taking a breath in this one of Dhaka’s entertainment centers is not easy.

This water is supposed to go to the treatment plant through the sewage drain, but it is not happening. Waste flows to Hatirjheel through the storm sewer line of City Corporation and Dhaka WASA for rainwater drainage. As a result, Hatirjheel is getting dirty; the smell is increasing due to environmental pollution.

The pollution level is so high that Hatirjheel’s water treatment plant cannot treat this filthy water, says Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK).

Residents of Hatirjheel’s surrounding areas and passengers traveling in Hatirjheel’s boats are suffering from the stench spread. Furthermore, people also fall into irony to enjoy the air of tranquility in the mechanical life.

Akram Hossain, a resident of Biam Gali in Eskaton, who runs a tong shop in front of the demolished

Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) building, said, “This water smells almost all the year round. When the army was there, there was no stench. After they were gone, the water condition worsened.”

“When it rains, the stench decreases a bit. However, absent the rain, the smell is more,” he added.

Ahmed Hossain, a resident of Badda who works at Kaowran Bazar and uses the boat traveling to go to his office and back from it, said about the bitterness,

“I boarded the boat in front of the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) area. It takes less time to go by boat, and there is no rush. However, the water smells bad, and the stomach swells.”

Beautiful footpaths around Hatirjheel have been made for walking in Hatirjheel. However, at places, there are heaps of garbage, mostly polythene and plastic, along the pathways.

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