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to prevent environmental pollution is essential to raise awareness. 
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To prevent environmental pollution is essential to raise awareness

To prevent environmental pollution is essential to raise awareness. 

A beautiful environment is necessary for survival. As the days go by, people’s daily life is becoming more and more difficult. The atmosphere is polluted by mixing various harmful substances with the environment.

The main elements of the environment are soil, water, and air. These elements of the environment are being polluted due to various human-made reasons.

Some causes of environmental pollution are industrial effluents, excessive use of pesticides on agricultural land, and smoke from vehicles and factories.

Various factories in Dhaka city dump their waste in the Buriganga River, leading to pollution and bad smells that affect nearby residents. Most of the rivers in Bangladesh are getting polluted.

Smoke from vehicles and factories contains harmful gases like carbon dioxide and reduces the amount of oxygen in the air. As a result, abnormal temperature increases, respiratory diseases, cancer, etc., are caused.

To keep the environment clean and safe, we need to decrease the usage of vehicles, pesticides, and factories that emit black smoke. We should also plant more trees and recycle to prevent pollution. What we need to do about this is to increase public awareness more and more.

If we want to preserve the environment for future generations, we must prioritize tree-planting initiatives. There’s no doubt that planting trees is one of the most effective ways to combat climate change. Therefore, let’s do our part and plant as many trees as possible. Together, we can create a healthier planet for all.

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