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We Need to Develop a Mindset to keep the Environment Perfect Environmental leaders of Bangladesh
Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir Environment Pollution

We Need to Develop a Mindset to keep the Environment Perfect: Environmental leaders of Bangladesh

We Need to Develop a Mindset to keep the Environment Perfect: Environmental leaders of Bangladesh

By Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir

Leaders of the social movement on the environment have commented that the mentality of development should be created by keeping the environment in order.

They made the remarks at a virtual press conference titled “Political Effectiveness of Environmental Movement in Bangladesh: Challenges and Remedies” jointly organized by the Bangladesh Environment Movement (BAPA) and Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN) on Saturday (October 3rd).

Professor Khandaker Bazlul Haque, Vice president of BAPA, presided over and Sharif Jamil, General Secretary of BAPA, conducted the press conference. Professor Dr. Nazrul Islam Discussed. Dr. Md.

Abdul Matin, Delwar Hossain, General Secretary of Awami League Forest and Environment Sub-Committee, Sakhawat Hasan Jiban, BNP Central Committee Organizing Secretary.

Ruhin Hossain Prince, Central Secretary of Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB), Professor MM Akash, Chairman, Department of Economics, University of Dhaka (DU), architect Salma A. Shafi, Convener of Bapar Urbanization and Urban Good Governance Committee of BAPA, Sanjeev Drong Sanjeev, Convener of Indigenous Peoples and Environment Committee, etc.

In his speech, Professor Khandaker Bazlul Haque said that if the politicians do not think about the country’s environment, the movement of environmental activists will not bring many good results.

We need to develop a mindset to keep the environment perfect. Otherwise, our future generations will be doomed. Everyone should leave the environment healthy and beautiful for our children.

Dr. Nazrul Islam said, what are the successes and failures of father BAPA in 20 years of movement? In that sense, the movement of BAPA has had many successes.

Professor MM Akash said that a group in society is addicted to capital and profit. They do not care about the environment in any way, which leads to conflict. Rogue people in business and politicians influence the power structure of our country. So the environment can’t be kept right without breaking it.

Delwar Hossain said that BAPA has been able to fulfill the country’s expectations through environmental movement and conservation. The country’s development and progress will continue not by destroying the environment but by preserving the environment.

Dr. Sakhawat Hasan Jiban said that the problems of the area-based environment should be solved locally with the help of local people’s representatives.

Ruhin Hossain Prince said that the big task now is to present environmental data locally. If political parties offer data and alternatives in different places, it is possible to involve the local people in more environmental activities.

The achievements already achieved will be considered at the 4th International Conference on Environment in Bangladesh to be held next December. It was also said from the press conference that the future course of action would be decided.

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