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Cox's Bazar Sea Beach is Now a Playground for Red Crabs
Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir Natural Environment

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach is Now a Playground for Red Crabs

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach is Now a Playground for Red Crabs

Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir (class VIII – English version,
Motijheel Ideal school and college, Dhaka)

Biodiversity and fauna are living without disturbing when people are under house arrest in the global epidemic. Dolphins were seen a few days ago beside the sea beach the Cox’s Bazar, the world longest beach. Now the beach becomes the playground of Red Crabs.

At the sea beach of Cox’s Bazar where thousands of people used to crowd at different points, now thousands of crabs are crowding here.

Covid-19 Coronavirus seemed to bring relief to them. All in all, Cox’s Bazar has regained its diversity as there are no people in Cox’s Bazar.

Some one-legged red crabs could see in different places of Cox’s Bazar. But now they are seen wandering there. The red craps are continuously drawing Alpana (Ritual painting) on the empty beach.

The crabs that used to run away in fear of people are now roaming freely. Once a time due to human movement, red crabs and sea urchins were almost extinct.

Coronavirus is prevalent not only in Cox’s Bazar but also in all tourist areas of the country. Not only the tourist destinations of Bangladesh but also all the tourist areas of the world are quiet now.

And with that opportunity, biodiversity and fauna are living their own lives.

Source: GreenPage BD Online News Portal

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