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india is under extreme threat of frequent heatwaves
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India is under extreme threat of frequent heatwaves

India is under extreme threat of frequent heatwaves


India will face much more intense heat waves than ordinary people can tolerate. A recent report by the World Bank has said this. It has been said that summer is getting longer than usual.

As a result, the possibility of heat waves is increasing. Incidentally, many people have died in India just because of wildfires in the last few years. In this situation, the report of the World Bank is quite alarming.

The World Bank report analyzed the temperature of India in 2022; in April 2022, it found that most of the cities of India experienced extreme heat.

The temperature in the national capital Delhi was 46 degrees Celsius. Ordinary people have been affected by the continuous heat wave. Not only April but March also recorded record heat in various parts of India.

Based on the data received, experts estimate that if this continues, the intensity of the heat wave will go beyond human tolerance.

According to the report, India’s average temperature in 2021 will increase 25 times in the next ten years. At least eleven days of heatwaves occur each year.

The heat and the problem of excess rainfall will add to the suffering. One of the main reasons is carbon emissions. India will face a catastrophic heat wave if pollution and carbon emissions have not reduced.

Not only in India, but the problem of heat waves is also increasing worldwide. A few days ago, many countries in Europe were facing severe drought.

Britain’s average maximum temperature has risen above 30 degrees Celsius for the first time. Two of the hottest days have been recorded during this episode. This happened earlier in 1960.

A group of meteorological experts claims that England may face drought in the coming days due to the increasing heat. Already the estuary of the Thames River is much drier than before.

As a result, fears are growing that the Thames River could soon dry. The mouth of the Thames River near Aston Keynes has completely dried up.

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