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the forest of hilly areas is in danger in bangladesh
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The forest of hilly areas is in danger in Bangladesh

The forest of hilly areas is in danger in Bangladesh


In Khagrachhari District, locals complain that the forest in hilly areas is cutting down indiscriminately. There are hundreds of tree species growing in khagrachari naturally.

Except for reserved and created forests in hilly areas, the rest are natural forests. Some culprit involves in this indiscriminate tree cutting.

They use the trees such as Chapalish, Champaful, and Gamari., etc. for various commercial purposes, including fuel wood for brick kilns.

Workers are added to these works based on wages. They cut, and transport trees from the hills, and this activity goes on throughout the year. Deforestation causes severe environmental disasters.

Mahfuz Russell, the founder of Pittachhara Conservation Initiative, Khagrachari, expressed the expectation of strict action to prevent the cutting of forest trees.

He said, “Forests keep the soil clean and fresh water sources and prevent soil erosion. However, due to deforestation, biodiversity is in danger, and the habitat of wildlife destroys. The eco-balance of nature is ruining. We need to hold back the commercial use of forest trees.”

The Environmental activists want the administration’s intervention to stop cutting trees from hills to protect forests. Locals wish for strict enforcement of existing laws to stop deforestation in Khagrachari. Otherwise, at some point, environmental disasters will descend on the hills.

However, Humayon Kabir, Divisional Forest Officer of Khagrachari, demanded to strengthen the operation to stop the cutting of forest trees and said that according to the Forest Act, forest wood is not allowed to use as fuel.

At the field level, action has been taken against anyone who illegally burns forest wood. He also said they had already sent a letter to Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) to stop cutting trees.

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