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Now Electricity can generate from the Industrial waste
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Now Electricity can generate from the Industrial waste

Now Electricity can generate from the Industrial waste


Global warming is the most serious issue confronting the world today. On the one hand, global temperatures are rising; on the other hand, pollution brings humanity to the brink of disaster. Global warming has a direct impact on climate change around the world. Floods, droughts, heavy rains, and droughts are all on the rise as a result.

Much of the world’s heat comes from industrial emissions. A Bengali boy came up with an incredible way to renew the waste heat to not mix with the air and increase the atmosphere’s average temperature.

Young researcher Pritam Sadhukhan, a Japanese expatriate who belongs to Barakpur in North 24 Parganas, India, has discovered the technology to generate Electricity by utilizing the waste generated from factories.

By researching in the Materials Science Laboratory of Kyushu University, he learned to convert waste heat into Electricity.

Eighteen scientists from nine universities worldwide, including Stanford University in the United States, the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, the University of Tokyo, and Kyushu in Japan, converted waste heat into Electricity. One of the scientists is Pritam.

Pritam from Japan said, “Everything from factories to generators, to any engine, generates heat. This heat is of no use. Therefore, it calls waste heat. This waste heat is one of the reasons for global warming.

We started the research in 2016 to convert this waste heat into Electricity. We made pyroelectric crystals by mixing some organic compounds with cobalt and iron. By using nanotechnology, we connected it with a circuit. We named it Pyro-Electric Nano Generator.

Pyro-electricity is a process of converting heat energy into Electricity. The nature of flowing electrons in a particular direction in the heat flux, utilized in this

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