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Sangu River
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The illegal occupying threatening the Sangu River in Chittagong

The illegal occupying threatening the Sangu River in Chittagong, Bangladesh


The culture and tradition of Chittagong’s, once intimately connected to the renowned river named Sangu. Others call it Sangu by some and shankha. The Sangu River is presently at threat of becoming extinct. Illegal occupiers now dominate both sides of the riverbanks.

Already, many influential people have built numerous raw, paved infrastructures along the river. As a result, the river becomes narrow. At the same time, canals/streams are also being occupied. Most of the Sangu River falls in the hilly area of Bandarban. Innumerable mud or cement-built houses developed on both sides of the riverbanks. There are many illegal installations as well.

As a result, the river has become narrow. The environment is also under threat. Not only Sangu River, but most of the canal/streams are also gradually falling into the hands of illegal occupants. Especially the condition of Michkichhara, Wapdachhara, Langipara, and Armipara canals condition is inferior.

Political leaders and influential people are occupying these canals, drains, and streams. The administration has taken no initiative to stop these reckless occupations.

Environmentalists fear that if the illegal occupying of the Sangu River and canal streams do not evict immediately, it will bring immense disaster to the livelihood of the people along the river and the environment of the entire district.

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