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Pictures of giant blue galaxies captured
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Pictures of giant blue galaxies captured by NASA cameras – surprised astronauts

Pictures of giant blue galaxies captured by NASA cameras – surprised astronauts

By Adnan Tazvir

The vast existence of infinite space seems to amaze every moment in the world, including space lovers.

Today, it is not new to see the cosmic beauty located at infinite distances from the solar system by using powerful telescopes, even if we set foot on Earth.

This time NASA released a picture of a galaxy located tens of millions of light-years away from the Earth.
Her bluish body stunned everyone.

The US space agency NASA shared a picture of a giant galaxy called NGC 2336 at 4:20 am Bangladeshi time on Monday. The discovery of this galaxy is nothing new to scientists.

Astronomer William Temple discovered the galaxy in 1876. However, the technology for taking pictures was not so modern then, but now the Hubble Telescope was able to take photos of that galaxy.

Not only the NGC 2337’s ‘giant, beautiful’ blue picture, but NASA has also revealed all the exciting and unknown information about the galaxy. William Temple used a small 11-inch telescope when he discovered this galaxy, which is virtually infinitely far from Earth, about 150 years ago today! Not only blue but also visible red is observed throughout the body of this galaxy.

According to NASA, the galaxy has new stars in its arms. That is why the creation of that bright blue color. Also, the red color source at the center of the galaxy is relatively old and burning stars.

At the moment, NASA’s Perseverance Rover is landing on Mars and surveying the situation there. The Rover was recently seen walking on the ground there.

Hopefully, this robot named Rover will be able to give anonymous information about Mars.

In the meantime, the Hubble Space Telescope has captured the most beautiful images of galaxies floating in the far corners of the universe.

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