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prime minister success in tackling climate change
Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir Bangladesh

Prime Minister: Success in tackling Climate Change

Prime Minister: Success in tackling Climate Change

adnan mahfuz tazvir

Minister of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change Shahab Uddin said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has succeeded in drawing the attention of world leaders to take steps to tackle climate change.

The Minister for Environment, Forests, and Climate Change spoke as the chief guest at the Shadow Parliament Debate Competition titled ‘COP-26 has lit a lamp of hope in tackling climate risk’ organized by Debate for Democracy at Bangladesh Film Development Corporation Sunday (December 12).

Minister Md. Shahab Uddin said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, as the current chair of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), has drawn the attention of world leaders to take action on climate change by playing a powerful and effective role in the 48 most endangered countries.

She (the prime minister) participated in the World Leaders Summit and provided an up-to-date country statement for Bangladesh. Under her leadership, Bangladesh is currently playing a leading role in global climate diplomacy.

The Environment Minister said that in light of the expectations and achievements of the World Climate Conference, we have to fix our future action plan now.  We need to start working to address all the potential risks of climate change.

Young people can play an essential role in this.  We need to effectively tackle climate change with our limited capacity, not just relying on global climate finance. Hopefully, with the joint efforts of all, we will successfully tackle climate change.

Responding to a question from reporters, the environment minister said the ministry and implementing agencies were regularly monitoring climate change to ensure proper utilization of the trust fund.

The government is implementing these projects with utmost transparency and accountability. If there is a specific allegation in any matter, legal action will be taken regarding the subject to investigation.

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