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Scientists have discovered one of the minor black holes!
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Scientists have discovered one of the minor black holes!

Scientists have discovered one of the minor black holes!

By Zeba Tarannum

A black hole is an omnipresent existence in space that could destroy the whole star within itself.

Astronomers have always been amazed at its movement and power. This time they discovered such a black hole, which thinks to be the smallest black hole. At least none of the black holes found so far has been smaller.

According to the Researchers, this black hole mass is three times that of the sun. Scientists called this black hole a “Unicorn”, located 1,500 light-years away from the Earth. The most reason behind this naming is its fancy structure, which Ohio University’s research professor Tharindu Jayasinghe informed.

The Royal Astronomical Society’s journal published the research on this black hole, and Mr Jayasinghe is one of the authors of that research paper. The “Unicorn” is spinning with a star. The star named V723 Mon is in the state of ‘red giant’.

Mr. Kris Stanek, the co-author of the research paper, said the Blackhole could be of different shapes and different masses. However, a black hole with a multitude of only three stars surprised them. He hopes it will know soon how such a black hole was formed.

By the way, scientists become very excited when they find about any black hole because it is challenging to find fate from the dark black body. Generally, a black hole is of three types.

A giant black hole, the Supermassive black hole is called Active Galactic Nucleus – AGN, which is located 26,000 light-years away from the Earth, its mass is 4 million times the mass of the sun.

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