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7:24 pm | July 29, 2021
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brick kilns without a license
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The environment is being polluted with the black smoke of brick kilns without a license

The environment is being polluted with the black smoke of brick kilns without a license

Sadia Noor Portia (7th semester – English Department,
Independent University, Bangladesh)

In Shariatpur, an illegal brick kiln named MKM Bricks has been built near the cropland. Even though the brick kiln has taken an exemption certificate from the Environment Department, it has not renewed its licenses. The black smoke of the brick kiln makes the environment in the area smoky.

Locals complain that the brick kiln is doing great damage to the crop, while poisonous black smoke is killing the surrounding plants. Faruq Ahmed, a local farmer, said that since the brick kiln establishment, there was no good harvest of the crop in our area as before. The trees are also bearing less fruit.

An official of the district administration said that according to the laws governing the establishment of brick kilns, the excavation of soil from agricultural land and the construction of brick kilns in such places are prohibited.

According to local sources, the owner of the MKM Bricks field built on 5 acres of cropland in the Char Sonamukhi area, is a businessman named Mostafa Bepari. He said, “I have built brick kiln just how other brick kilns are built.

The smoke of my brick kiln is not damaging the crops. I have collected the Environment Department’s exemption certificate and submitted it to the Deputy Commissioner’s Office. The licenses will be renewed very soon.”

Nazir Mohammad Selim of the Deputy Commissioner’s office said, “The brick kiln authorities have already submitted the Environment Department’s exemption certificate to us. We will check the papers and arrange for giving a license.

” Deputy Collector (Assistant Commissioner) of the Shariatpur Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Md. Parvez said, “I am not aware of the accusation. If people in the area make a written complaint, I will investigate and take action.”

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