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the increasing use of furnaces is polluting the environment
Bangladesh Environmental crime

The increasing use of furnaces is polluting the environment

The increasing use of furnaces is polluting the environment

Coal produces by burning wood in the Amtali area of Kapasia Upazila of Gazipur by illegally cutting plants in the nearby forest. The smoke from the furnace makes it difficult for people to breathe. The environment is also damaged when plants are cut down for this purpose.

This wood burns in four big furnaces. Black smoke is coming out of these furnaces, which pollutes the environment. People in the vicinity are suffering from the smoke of the furnace. These furnaces have been constructed for making wood coal in the Amtali area of Rayed Union of the Upazila.

A local man named Milan Mia built this coal production plant about four years ago. Hundreds of sacks of wood-burning coal have been kept around the furnace. These were reserved for marketing.

At the same time, a large number of wood piles around the furnace. The furnaces are covered with large tents to hide them from people’s eyes. The mud and brick furnaces are each 10 feet in diameter. The height of these furnaces from the ground is 12 feet.

A large amount of dry wood is put into these furnaces, and the fire is lit. Once the wood is put into the furnace, it opens about a week later.

The coal obtained from these furnaces is packed and sold at BDT300 to BDT350 per bag depending on the quality. The coal produced is sold to various hotels, restaurants, and brickyards.

The accused, Milan Mia, said, “coal produces in such a way that there is no damage to the environment. The smoke is not allowed to go out with a tin canopy on top. As a result, the environment remains unharmed.”

AKM Ghulam Morshed Khan, Upazila Nirbahi Officer- UNO of Kapasia Upazila, said, “Coal production in this way is completely illegal and harmful to the environment. We have already closed several coal production plants. This will also be closed.”

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