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the lungs of the world destroying due to commercial purposes
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The lungs of the world destroying due to commercial purposes

The lungs of the world destroying due to commercial purposes


The tropical forest is fading due to commercial mining. A recent study has revealed such a picture. Around which anxiety is gradually increasing. It has been being seeing that this trend is gradually increasing in the four countries, Brazil, Indonesia, Ghana, and Suriname, i.e., the world’s four most affluent countries in terms of tropical forests.

According to a research paper published in the ‘National Academy of Sciences, 80 percent of the tropical forests destroyed from 2000 to 2019 locates in these four countries.

Of this, 70 percent of forests have been cleared to make the land for agriculture. However, scientists are more concerned about commercial mining. There is a growing fear that this terrible trend of green destruction for the extraction of mineral resources like iron ore, gold, and coal is endangering the ‘lungs’ of the world.

Researchers are seeing vermilion clouds in this situation. “We also need to plan,” said one of the paper’s authors, Anthony Bebbington, a professor of geography at the University of Massachusetts.

Governments and organizations must take measures to minimize the impact of commercial mining on deforestation.’

The amount of minerals that have been extracted from the earth in 2000 has now doubled. Twenty-six countries in the world are responsible for this.

Although mainly four countries have been pointed at. Researchers have captured the whole thing through satellite images and tracking data.

One such concern is in Brazil. Everyone knows the Brazilian Amazon as the “Lungs of the Earth.” However, reliance on the world’s largest tropical forest for environmental protection is diminishing.

As a result of the arbitrary cutting of trees and fires, this lung of the world has gradually decayed. Now it is known how much damage has been done due to the destruction of forests for commercial mining.

Informed circles feel that if we are not careful now, it will bring a terrible message for the future.

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