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The rivers and forests filled up with waste causing environmental pollution in Dwars, Kolkata, India

The rivers and forests filled up with waste causing environmental pollution in Dwars, Kolkata, India


The rivers and streams that flow past the villages of Dooars have become the dustbin of the Locality. All types of organic and inorganic wastes of the towns/Growth centers accumulated into the rivers and turned the rivers into dumping grounds.

The river Mal flows through the eastern edge of the town Malbazar. This river is the witness of all the deeds of the town’s people from birth to death.

Garbage is dumping into the river every day. The buyers and sellers of the markets, including the nearby houses, dump their garbage on the river. A stream used to flow through the middle of the city. The stream now becomes a dumping station as wastes from wards number 1, 4, 5, 8, and 14 of Malbazar end up in the stream.

Swarup Mitra, Secretary of an environmental organization of Malbazar named “Mountain Trekkers Foundation,” is angry at the injustice activities doing to rivers and streams. He said, “Rivers are the lifeblood of our civilization.”

“The dumping of garbage’s is also polluting the river water. Many people use the river water for housework. The riverbed should clean immediately by removing these wastes. We will persuade the people of the area not to throw garbage in the river,” he said.

In this regard, Samar Kumar Das, a member of the Mal Municipal Administrative Board, said, “Some people throw garbage. The municipality often cleans the garbage.”

“As the festive season is ahead, everything will be clean. Moreover, the problem related to garbage dumping land is about to resolve. After the establishment of the dumping ground, all problems will be solve. We will clean up all the waste from Town and will make it garbage-free,” he assured.

Meanwhile, on International River Day, the environmental group “Nass” in Dalabari also consulting with the people inhabitants living near Anda Jhora River the bed effects of throwing garbage into the river and requested them not to do this.

Nafsar Ali, the organization coordinator, said, “There are several Kabari shops next to Anda River. We told requested them not to throw garbage in that river.”

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