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the tannery industrial zone in savar, bangladesh, is closing
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The tannery industrial zone in Savar, Bangladesh, is closing

The tannery industrial zone in Savar, Bangladesh, is closing


The Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change (Bangladesh) will send a letter to the Ministry of Industries (Bangladesh) to close the tannery industrial zone of Savar.

Following the parliamentary committee’s recommendation, it will send a letter to the Ministry of Industries to close the industrial city not to control environmental pollution. The parliamentary committee thinks that this industrial city is finally closing down.

On December 2, 2021, the Parliamentary Committee on the MoFEFCC will convene at Parliament House to debate the subject once more. At the conference, there were also representatives from the Ministry of Industries.

The parliamentary committee said, ‘This industrial city should run with full measures. Until that happens, it should remain close. At the meeting, the ministry also agreed with the parliamentary committee.

After the meeting, the committee chairman Saber Hossain Chowdhury said, “We gave them a letter about the tannery in Savar. A task force has also been formed by the government.

Additional Secretary came from the Ministry of Industries. I listened to his speech. We welcome the task force. The task force will do their job. However, they can re-apply for their exemption.”

He further said, “They (industry owners) will meet the needs we have. We will co-operate with them on how it can compliant. After doing so, they will be able to start the industrial city if they get clearance as per the rules. Before that, it has to stop now. The industry can’t run this way.”

On August 23, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the MoEFCC recommended the closure of Savar tannery Industrial estate for the time being due to poor waste management.

Following the committee’s recommendation, the Department of Environment sent a letter to the Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC). The parliamentary committee wants to know from BSCIC why the leather industrial city will not get closed.

Saber Hossain said in response to an inquiry, “If a single unit participates in ETP, that unit’s problem will get addressed independently. Today was the final judgment; it will be closed. The respective ministry also agreed on the same. There will be a letter sent out.”

He further said, “Six dyeing companies in Narayanganj are still operating without permission. We halted their operation. I am also going to make a pit stop here. We wanted a showcase. The time has arrived for an answer. Activities will, however, get suspended for the time being. The ministry will now send a letter to the industry ministry and BSCIC.”

Saber Hossain further said, “The industry established there since 2011. They have not applied for any kind of exemption for 10 years. It can’t be run by not applying or without any clearance. We maintain Zero tolerance in such matters. “

Saber Hossain said, “We have said even today if you leave the waste in the open, it gets oxidized. Causes Cancer. The water of the Balu river has rotted in my area. It became Black as coal. The use of water causes skin disease.”

The tannery industrial city of Savar produces 40,000 cubic meters of waste daily, where the waste management capacity is 25 thousand cubic meters. In other words, 15,000 cubic meters of waste is being mixed in the environment daily. 16.4 million cubic meters of waste have remained out of management in the last three years. Apart from this, there is no chromium refining system. The parliamentary committee recommended that the Savar tannery be closed in August.

An inter-ministerial task force set up to make recommendations, and work plans for developing the tannery industry met in September and said it wanted a separate authority for the industry. The task force was on the side of making environment-friendly and pollution-free without closing a tannery industrial city.

Although the tanneries got shifted from Hazaribagh to Savar tannery Industrial City, the Central Waste Treatment Plant or Central Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) and all other works remain incomplete. However, some tanneries have got environmental clearance in this situation; currently, the renewal of the environmental clearance is taking time.

The tannery owners claimed, “Due to delay in renewal of environmental clearance, it is becoming difficult to get Export Registration Certificate (ERC) as an exporter, Import Registration Certificate (IRC) as an importer and Bond facility for tax-free import of goods.”

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