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Thirty important regulatory laws in Bangladesh with download links

Thirty important regulatory laws in Bangladesh with download links

In Bangladesh, a diverse and dynamic legal framework plays a crucial role in governing various aspects of society, ensuring justice, and safeguarding the rights of its citizens.

Understanding the key laws that shape the nation is vital for individuals, businesses, and institutions alike. This compilation highlights Thirty important laws in Bangladesh, encompassing a wide range of areas such as civil rights, criminal justice, business regulations, and social welfare.

Whether you are a legal professional, a business owner, or simply an informed citizen, navigating through these laws provides insights into the legal landscape of Bangladesh.

S. LName of LawDepartmentDownload Link
01Bangladesh Labor Law 2006Ministry of Labor and EmploymentLink
02Bangladesh Labor Law correction 2018Ministry of Labor and EmploymentLink
03Bangladesh Labor Rule 2015Ministry of Labor and EmploymentLink
04Bangladesh Labor Rule correction 2022Ministry of Labor and EmploymentLink
05Boiler Act 1923Ministry of IndustriesLink
06BNBC 2006Ministry of Housing and Public WorksLink
07BNBC 2020Ministry of Housing and Public WorksLink
08Environmental conservation rule 2023Ministry of Environment and ForestsLink
09Air Pollution Control Rule 2022Ministry of Environment and ForestsLink
10Solid Waste Management Rule 2021Ministry of Environment and ForestsLink
11e-Waste Management Rule 2021Ministry of Environment and ForestsLink
12Water Rule 2018Ministry of Environment and ForestsLink
13Noise Control Rule 2006Ministry of Environment and ForestsLink
14Petroleum Act 1934Ministry of Energy and Mineral ResourcesLink
15Acid Control Act 2002Ministry of Home AffairsLink
16Medical Waste Management Rule 2008The Ministry of Environment and ForestsLink
17Boiler Attendant Rule 1953Ministry of IndustriesLink
18BERC License Regulation 2006Bangladesh Energy Regulatory CommissionLink
19Pressure Vessel Rule 1995Ministry of IndustriesLink
20Narcotics Control Rule 1999The Ministry of Home AffairsLink
21Explosive Rule 2004Ministry of IndustriesLink
22Explosive Act 1884Ministry of IndustriesLink
23Fire prevention and dousing act 2003Ministry of Home AffairsLink
24Gas cylinder rule 1991Ministry of Energy and Mineral ResourcesLink
25Ozone depleting substance rule 2004Ministry of Environment, ForestLink
26Acid Control Rule 2004Ministry of Home AffairsLink
27Bangladesh Petroleum Rule 2018Ministry of Energy and Mineral ResourcesLink
28Bangladesh Petroleum Act 2016Ministry of Energy and Mineral ResourcesLink
29Bangladesh Electricity Act 2018Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral ResourcesLink
30Bangladesh Electricity Rule 2020Bangladesh Energy Regulatory CommissionLink


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