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A new instrument now used to examine Mars' land
Environmental Science Zeba Tarannum

A new instrument now used to examine Mars’ land

A new instrument now used to examine Mars’ land

A new instrument now used to examine Mars' land

National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Mars 2020 mission is proceeding fast. From now on, Rover Perseverance will go far from the place it used to roam and collect samples from the land of the red planet.

A helicopter named Ingenuity, which is associated with Perseverance, will bring a sample from the land of Mars to earth. Ingenuity is a Sports utility vehicle (SUV) shaped rover. This time its destination is Mars and the rugged land. According to the scientists, testing a sample from the hard rocky soil of this part will be more convenient.

The land of Mars is a combination of soft and hard soil. The Rover Perseverance is gradually moving forward from soft to hard ground. Previously it was roaming around soft soil. Now, it is revolving on South Séítah passing the Jazero crater part. It is on the northwest side of Mars.

It has already dug the soil by 8 cm deep. This part is rough rocky land. Louise Jandura, a scientist at the Mission Perseverance sample collection team, tweeted, “we are witnessing the variation in of land around Mars.”

There is an infrastructure to test all kinds of samples. However, it is challenging to do the collected stones. Is that is the reason behind bringing those stones to earth? However, it is not known yet. According to NASA sources, there is a target of collecting 35 samples.

The Ingenuity is known to be moving towards 235 meters east and northeast of Mars. It captured the 3D images of mars land.

Ingenuity, according to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, can be much more effective. At least ten helicopters were sent to Mars with Perseverance. However, none of them was successful. It, too, failed once.

But it didn’t fail this time. Perseverance, attached to a helicopter, passed the Mars surface observation test on its 12th attempt. Ingenuity will spend 147 days on Mars. NASA scientists are also waiting for it to reveal previously unknown aspects of the neighboring planet.

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