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about 272000 deaths per year in bangladesh due to pollution,world bank
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About 272,000 deaths per year in Bangladesh due to pollution: World Bank

About 272,000 deaths per year in Bangladesh due to pollution: World Bank

The World Bank reports that 272,000 people die early in Bangladesh each year because of air pollution, unsafe water, and poor sanitation. New information was recently revealed in the organization’s ‘Bangladesh Country Environmental Analysis’, which was officially launched at a hotel in the capital, Dhaka.

In addition to such pollution, unsafe hygiene and lead exposure also emerged as causes of death, the study said. In addition to death, these causes account for 5.2 billion days of illness. Poor people, children under five, elderly and women are disproportionately affected by pollution.

Due to these environmental problems, the loss in 2019 was 17.6 percent of Bangladesh’s GDP, according to the report.

Indoor and outdoor air pollution is the leading cause of premature death among environmental pollution, the report said. Air pollution is the cause of about 55 premature deaths. Due to this, the GDP loss in 2019 was 8.32 percent.

Highlighting the dire effects of environmental pollution on children, the report says lead poisoning is causing permanent damage to children’s intellectual development.

This results in the destruction of nearly two million IQ points per year. The report identified cooking with solid fuel as a major cause of indoor air pollution. Its impact is more on women and children.

The report also said that the water quality of Bangladesh’s rivers has decreased significantly due to industrial waste, plastic and untreated sewage.

The World Bank says that 133,000 premature deaths a year can be prevented through timely and urgent measures to control air pollution, improve water, sanitation and hygiene, and control lead poisoning.

On the occasion, Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Saber Hossain Chowdhury said that the country’s health is paramount, and the government is committed to improving air and water quality.

“Progressive interventions for climate action are being made continuously, and governments are actively setting a deadline'” the Minister assured.

He commented that to protect emerging problems in connection with environmental pollution, the needs to be made according to the needs. He also said to work towards a green future for the country.

In this report release ceremony, Abdullaye Sec, Executive Director Political wing of World Bank and Dr. Fahamida Khan, Additional Secretary (Environment) of Ministry of Environment, Forest Climate Change, Bangladesh, were present.

Outcomes of the Alignment Alliances 2023 Principles of the country are discussed to focus on and opportunities for advancing environmental conservation efforts at work were discussed in the event.

The World Bank’s executive director said, “Development and progress at the same time to take action on climate change risks. Globally we are finding that wealth growth at the expense of environmental degradation is not sustainable. But transparent and green progress is possible without making progress.”

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