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bangladesh dug 80 ponds in sundarbans to meet the freshwater demand for wildlife 
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Bangladesh dug 80 ponds in Sundarbans to meet the freshwater demand for wildlife 

Bangladesh dug 80 ponds in Sundarbans to meet the freshwater demand for wildlife


Md. Shahab Uddin, the Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Bangladesh, said, “Total 80 new ponds have been dug and existing ponds re-excavated in Sundarbans to meet the demand for freshwater for tigers and other wild animals.

Also, a three-year project titled ‘Sundarbans Tiger Conservation Project’ has been implemented to conserve Sundarbans’ tigers. Under this project, a tiger survey will be conducted for the third time in the Sundarbans through camera trapping, the number of deer and pigs preyed by tigers will count, and nylon fencing will construct in an area of a length ​​60 km adjacent to the locality of Sundarbans.

It will do for protecting tigers entering the locality and also protecting the wild animal hunter from saving the animals in the Sundarbans.”

Minister Shahab Uddin further added, “Section-36 of the Bangladesh Wildlife (Conservation and Security) Act, 2012 provides imprisonment for two years and a maximum of 7 years for killing a tiger and a fine of Tk.100,000 to a maximum of Tk.1,000,000 and for the repeating of the same crime a maximum of 12 years imprisonment, including fine up to TK.1,500,000.

Tiger killing is considered a non-bailable offense. Bangladesh-Tiger-Action-Plan_2018-2027 has been formulated. Fifty-two percent of the Sundarbans area has been declared a protected area for tigers to roam freely and proliferate.”

“A Tiger Response Teams formed to resolve the tiger-human conflict. It is possible to inform the neighboring villages as soon as a tiger arrives in the locality and take preventive measures accordingly.

In the four ranges of Sundarbans, activities to stop poaching, trafficking, and killing of tigers and other wild animals are going on through innovative patrolling methods and drone technology,” the minister added.

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