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bangladesh foreign minister calls on developed world leaders for financial support to tackle climate risks
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Bangladesh Foreign Minister calls on developed world leaders for financial support to tackle climate risks

Bangladesh Foreign Minister calls on developed world leaders for financial support to tackle climate risks

Dr. Hasan Mahmood, Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, called on the leaders of the developed world to provide financial assistance to reduce the disaster risk of countries affected by global climate change like Bangladesh.

He said developed countries are mainly responsible for carbon emissions. So, they have to play a major role in protecting the global environment.

He said these things while speaking as the chief guest at the 24th National Renewable Energy Conference and Green Expo Conference organized by the Energy Institute of Dhaka University at its Nawab Nawab Ali Chowdhury Senate Building on May 23, 2024.

Dr. Hasan Mahmud stated that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina aims to achieve 40% renewable energy production in the country by 2041. He urged professionals and researchers to work unitedly to achieve this goal. He emphasized on modernization of energy policy of Bangladesh.

He said, the world’s average carbon emission is 6.79 metric tons. But the United States emits 17.9 metric tons, China emits 10.95 metric tons and Bangladesh emits only 1.29 metric tons. Some countries have gone to zero emissions. Our policy needs to change.

The policy requires 3 acres of land for every megawatt of solar power projects, but it’s possible to generate 1 megawatt of electricity in 1.6 acres.

Of course, this policy needs to be changed. Bangladesh is a densely populated area; such inconsistent policy cannot exist. I strongly want to change its policies. Again there is inconsistency with the lead partner.

The minister stated that the term “transit” was once considered abusive, but now its meaning has evolved. We will bring electricity from Nepal via India, Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation is thinking of introducing hydrogen powered buses.

We were significantly delayed in comparison to the First Industrial Revolution, the Second Industrial Revolution, and the Third Industrial Revolution. But we have stepped together in the fourth industrial revolution.

Professor Dr. ASM Maqsood Kamal, the Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University, stressed the need to boost renewable energy production and create plans to prevent pollution in the environment.

He said, to achieve success in the field of green energy production, public-private partnership should be increased. He urged the students to play a leading role in keeping the environment clean.

The Vice-Chancellor wants to start a renewable energy and environment training program at Dhaka University to develop skilled professionals. They are asking for cooperation from the public and private sectors.

Akhter Hossain, the chief coordinator of SDG affairs in the Prime Minister’s office of Bangladesh, delivered a speech during the opening ceremony. He highlighted the importance of increasing renewable energy production.

Alamgir Morshed, CEO of Bangladesh Infrastructure Development Company Limited, Eng. MD. Nurul Akhter, President of Bangladesh Solar Renewable Energy Association and Chairman, Bangladesh Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority spoke as special guests.

The keynote presentation was given by Khondakar Morshed Millat, who is an advisor for Greentech Foundation Bangladesh and also a faculty member of BIBM.

Associate Professor of Dhaka University Shakti Institute gave the welcome speech. SM Nasif Shams. Lutfar Rahman, Executive Director of Greentech Foundation, expressed his thanks.

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