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Bangladesh is going to Launch ‘National Water Grid Line' for the Benefit of its People and the Environment
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Bangladesh is going to Launch ‘National Water Grid Line’ for the Benefit of its People and the Environment

Bangladesh is going to Launch ‘National Water Grid Line’ for the Benefit of its People and the Environment

By Zeba Tarunnum

Md. Tajul Islam, Minister, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperative, Bangladesh, said, to provide safe drinking water across the country including the coastal areas, the government is soon planning to launch a ‘National Water Grid Line’.

Besides this, to address regional water issues he also called on member states to work together to launch a “cross-border water grid line.”

The Minister said all this at the Governing Board Meeting-2021 on behalf of Bangladesh at the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM) through a video conference on 28th February.

The Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM) was formed in 2002 under the supervision of UNESCO for capacity building, research, and exchange of strategies of member countries in the development of the water sector.

Md. Tajul Islam said, in addition to the salinity of the coastal waters, it has become a challenge to provide safe and clean water to various parts of the country. So, he thinks by forming the ‘National Water Grid Line’ this challenge can be addressed by providing pure safe water through zones and sub-zones. For this, the Minister sought cooperation from ‘RCUWM’ in all other fields including information and technology.

Regarding the launch of ‘Cross-Border Water Grid Line’, Md. Tajul Islam, a member of the Governing Board of the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management, said, many countries in the region have more water than need and many have less than need. The member states can solve the water problem of all countries by working together.

To meet the safe pure water demand, he proposed to explore the possibility of taking the concept of Bangladesh and cross-border water grid construction to the RCUWM member countries at the international level.

By giving an example of Russia, Romania, Greece, etc. countries, he said, if there is such connectivity in European countries, it is very important for our region as well. There is no alternative to regional cooperation in providing safe water to the people of this region.

Everyone praised when Md. Tajul Islam presented various achievements of Bangladesh in the water, sanitation sector especially the coverage of clean water, the use of surface water, and the steps related to sanitation in Bangladesh at the Governing Board meeting.

Md. Tajul Islam said by mentioning Bangladesh is a riverine country and it is located the downstream of Himalayas so there are no such water problems, in Bangladesh, 98 percent of the people have access to safe drinking water. In addition, more than 50 percent of surface water is being used.

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