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The Rare Batagur Baska Tortoise has Given 35 Eggs
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The Rare Batagur Baska Tortoise has Given 35 Eggs

The Rare Batagur Baska Tortoise has Given 35 Eggs

In the Karamjal Wildlife Breeding Centre in Sundarbon, a rare species of a tortoise “Batagur Baska” has laid 35 eggs. The Karamjal wildlife breeding centre is located in Chandpai at the range of East Sundarban of Bagerhut in Bangladesh.

On last Tuesday evening, a mother tortoise laid 35 eggs in the breeding area. There are 3 more species of Batagur Baska in the breeding centre. Moreover, the Sundarbans division is speculating that these three species may lay more eggs in the next few days.

Some organizations have started working with a view to prevent the extinction of this rare species of Batagur Baska tortoise from the world.

The divisional forest officer of east Sundarbans Mohammad Belayet Hossain has informed that the Forest Department, some governmental and non-governmental organizations started working in this wildlife breeding center since 2014 in order to protect the rare species of Batagur Baska across the world including Sundarban.

A pond and shades have been made to nurture Batagur Baska. The breeding areas of Batagur Baska are especially separated from others. As well as the mother tortoise has laid 35 eggs respectively. Eggs are incubated to produce 35 babies of the tortoise. The eggs are expected to hatch in the next 65-67 days from incubation.

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