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158 Rivers of Bangladesh has Dried Up in 57 Years due to Various Reasons

158 Rivers of Bangladesh has Dried Up in 57 Years due to Various Reasons

158 Rivers of Bangladesh has Dried Up in 57 Years due to Various Reasons

Bangladesh is a mother country of rivers. But this mother country of the river is turning itself to being recognized as a mother country of canals. The unlawful possessions have made a pitiful condition to the rivers for years after years.

Various steps were taken to protect the rivers but nothing has changed yet! This unfortunate situation raises questions on the effectiveness of the steps taken so far.

The circumstances have turned out in such a way as if the country belongs to all except the rivers, which was snatched by possessors in concern.

How long would it take to prevent occupation-pollution/unlawful possession and protect the rivers? Or would it be limited to the promise itself only?

Two surveys came up with the news that 158 rivers of Bangladesh have dried up in the past 57 years. In 2010 Bangladesh Calamity Forum published a report on the decreasing number of rivers in Bangladesh from 1963 to 2000.

A group of researchers from the Geography Department of Jahangirnagar University was involved in it. The report revealed, ‘115 rivers of Bangladesh dried up and about to the verge of death’.

Another study of these surveys has published the name of an NGO in the southern-west part of Bangladesh “Uttoron” who is working for protecting/to protect the rivers and water.

According to the survey published by Uttoron, from 2000-2020, 43 rivers have been turned into deserts in Bangladesh in the last 20 years.

They say that embankments near the coastal areas and the construction of various structures on the riverside and hustling are the obstacles for preventing the rivers from dying.

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