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biodiversity and environment should be preserved in bangladesh haor area
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Biodiversity and environment should be preserved in Bangladesh Haor Area

Biodiversity and environment should be preserved in Bangladesh Haor Area

The Tanguar Haor is spread across in 4 Unions of Tahirpur and Dharmapasha Upazilas. In addition to 54 small and big beels (Shallow Water Bodies), there are numerous canals scattered like a net in this Haor. About 60,000 people in 88 villages depend on this haor for their livelihood.

In 1999, Tanguar Haor was declared an ‘environmentally endangered area’ by the government. According to the 2001 agreement, the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MOEFCC), Bangladesh, is supposed to implement developmental activities in the Haor area.

Besides, the Government aims to involve the local fishermen and local people for the conservation of Haor’s fish resources, increase in production, and conservation of biodiversity.

Spread over an area of ​​12,655 hectares, both fish and birds have declined significantly. At one time this haor was known as the ‘Mother of Fisheries’ or Ma Haor. It is now the time for fish.

Local people are now becoming dependent on farmed fish. Tanguar Hao is also a safe haven for migratory birds. But now the number of birds is decreasing due to various reasons, including silting of the upstream, destruction of fish habitat, hunting, and fishing by burning lamps at night.

Any tourist resort has certain restrictions, none of which are obeyed at Tangua Haor. Tourists flock from all over Haor and the polythene and waste thrown by them is causing serious damage to the environment.

Ahmad Kabir, the former president of the co-management committee comprising the local community in Tanguar Haor, said that some trees have been planted in some areas of Haor. However, no infrastructure has been constructed in Haor in recent days for the development of fisheries resources.

Declaring Tangua Haor as an Ecologically Critical Area ‘ does not end its responsibility. Tanguar Haor’s main resource is its natural environment, fish, birds, and trees to be protected. We have to think about the livelihood of the local residents.

For their safe and secure livelihood, it is necessary to increase fish breeding and create a suitable environment for it. Apart from this, awareness should also be raised among them to prevent the indiscriminate killing of fish. And if there are no fish and aquatic plants, there will be no birds.

In recent times, the number of tourists in Tangua Haor is increasing. It is a joy on the one hand and anxieties on the other. Because of this happiness, many of our tourist centers lose their natural beauty and tourists are not interested in visiting. The reason for concern is that tourists do not follow the rules. They leave plastic waste, polythene, etc., everywhere.

The local administration has noticed that polythene pollutes the environment terribly, in every tourist center. In this case, constant monitoring is required.

Punitive action should be taken against those who do not follow the rules. Tourist entrances should also be specified. It is easy to keep an eye on tourists if the entrance is marked.

Appropriate and effective steps should be taken to protect Tangua Hao. District and Upazila administration, District council and Upazila Parishads, grassroots representatives, non-governmental organizations and associations should be involved there. If coordinated and collective action is not taken, this disaster will happen.

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