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Canada and the USA is facing extreme heatwaves- the environment is in the face of danger
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Canada and the USA is facing extreme heatwaves- the environment is in the face of danger

Canada and the USA is facing extreme heatwaves- the environment is in the face of danger

 By Adnan Tazvir

 In recent times, extreme heatwaves affected the weather in Canada and the United States. In the last few days, more than one and a half hundred people have died due to extreme heat in Vancouver, Canada alone. Due to the sudden temperature rise, they could not bear the shock and suddenly their heart stopped beating.

Large parts of the United States (USA) are also suffering from these heatwaves. However, why this state of temperature? Is there any other cause of global warming? Experts have started research to understand the situation.

According to expert observations, a giant heat dome has formed over the North Atlantic Ocean. It is gradually condensing. In addition, from there the heat flow is spreading to the environment. According to the general law of nature, when such high pressure is created somewhere, it gradually moves towards lower pressure. In this case, the high-pressure zone is getting more concentrated, i.e. more warm air is accumulating day by day.

According to experts, global warming is thinning the ozone layer. Greenhouse gas are easily accumulated through its safety zone. As a result, global warming is on the rise and extremely heated the British Columbia by its heat waves.

On the other hand, the concentrated warm zone in the North Atlantic Ocean has also affected the parts of adjacent Greenland. Because of this glacier sheets at Greenland are gradually melting. Observers say that this is breaking all records of daily temperature rising.

Most areas of Lytton in Vancouver, Canada were devastated by the heatwaves. The city is 155 kilometers from East Vancouver. As of Sunday morning, the temperature in Lytton has risen so high that the village was reportedly being evacuated for safety.

Local police sergeant Steve Addison said such unimaginable temperatures had never been seen before in Vancouver. Unfortunately, many people are dying because they can’t stand the heat.

The same is true of the local people of Vancouver. A woman named Rosa said she had never seen such a bad situation before. “I hope, the situation will return to normal soon. That should never happen again.”

She said. Graham Griezer, a swimmer, said “I am worried about the older people. And for those who live in the eastern part of Vancouver, the situation is very miserable there.”

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