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chattagram city is getting trimmed by cutting the hill
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Chattagram city is getting trimmed by cutting the Hill

Chattagram city is getting trimmed by cutting the Hill


City Corporation Mayor Rezaul Karim Chowdhury has complained that the Department of Environment has remained silent even though the city of Chattagram is becoming narrow due to the cutting down of the hills.

According to him, “Chattagram city getting trimmed by cutting downhills. The Department of Environment remains silent. Bayazid Link Road is getting cut down day and night while the Department of Environment remains silent after sending a notice. The notice does not stop cutting downhills. ‘

He made the allegation at a coordination meeting of the agencies implementing the project to reduce waterlogging in Chattagram at the City Corporation office at Tiger Pass in the city.

In Thandachhari, a company has set up a chemical factory near the hilly lake of the city corporation how. The Department of Environment approves the setting up of factories where it is forbidden to do anything that destroys the environment.

Rezaul added, “Because of this factory, the water of the lake is drying up, and the fish are dying. The noise of the factory has also taken away the animals and birds in the area. They also started cutting the hills all over again.

During the meeting, Mia Mahmudul Haque, Deputy Director, Chattagram Divisional Office, Department of Environment, said, “In 2021, 166 people took under the law for cutting downhills in Chattagram metropolis. Of which 137 complaints have been settled. Cases have also been filed against several people. I have taken action whenever I get the news of cutting the hill.”

“We have taken the matter seriously as the mayor has accused a factory in Thandachhari of cutting down hills and destroying the environment. However, I do not know about the approval of the factory.

Another participant, Zahurul Alam Dobhas, chairman of the Chattagram Development Authority, said, “I urge the Department of Environment to take a firm stand on banning the production and use of polythene to protect Karnafuli. Besides, we request them to hand over the completed drain to city corporations.”

Lieutenant Colonel Shah Ali, Project Director of the project implementation agency, said, “About 60 percent of the work on the mega project already completed. The work of 18-20 canals will complete around the dry season. Work is underway to install 42 silt traps. A slab will place on over each risky drain. Two feet high railings will make around the open canals.”

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