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climate change is responsible for 37 percent of the worlds deaths
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Climate change is responsible for 37 percent of the world’s deaths

Climate change is responsible for 37 percent of the world’s deaths


According to international researchers, more than one-third of summer heat-related deaths are due to climate change. Researchers warned that more deaths could occur if global temperatures rise further.

Previous research has predicted the risks of how climate change will affect human health, with the warming of temperature, drought, wildfires, and other extremes leading to worsening conditions in the future.

How bad the situation will depend on how fast people can reduce their carbon emissions. Although recorded carbon emissions in 2019, they decreased during the Corona pandemic.

However, a team of 70 international researchers conducted a new study on the effects of global warming on human health. The authors of the research article said that this is the first such study.

The research article was published in the journal Nature Climate Change. The researchers analyzed data from 732 places in 43 countries in this case.

Antonio Gasparini, the senior author of the research paper, said, “Climate change is not something that will happen shortly. In addition to the environmental and ecological impact, we can already measure its adverse effects on health. ‘

Researchers claimed that if the methods they have studied further extended globally, it would be evident that more than one million people die of heatstroke every year due to human-made climate change.

From 1991 to 2018, human-made activity accounted for 37 percent of heat-related deaths, according to The Guardian.

Climate change has affected everything from wildfires to extreme weather. Frequent burns as the temperature rises affect older people. People with asthma are at greater risk of dying prematurely.

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