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5:13 pm | August 1, 2021
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COVID-19 coronavirus is a blessing for the River Karnafuli, Bangladesh
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COVID-19 coronavirus is a blessing for the River Karnafuli, Bangladesh

COVID-19 coronavirus is a blessing for the River Karnafuli, Bangladesh

Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir (class VIII – English version,
Motijheel Ideal school and college, Dhaka)

The COVID-19 coronavirus is a terrible panic for people. The world is living under home quarantine today for the terror of Corona. People have become unemployed. Food crises may also occur.

The economy is in the grip of this coronavirus. All countries are already preparing for various steps for economic development. But there is a lot of bad news there has some good news. And the coronavirus has genuinely become a blessing for nature.

The world lockdown has brought a different kind of relief to nature. Air pollution has also decreased. A different environment has been created, Which people have not seen for many years. In this regard, the climate of Bangladesh has also improved.

Air pollution in Bangladesh has come down. Seeing that all the factories are closed, almost all the transport systems are closed.

Like all other parts of the country, all types of industries in the p[ort city Chattagram remain closed due to lockdown. The traffic is also closed. And all the development activities are stopped now. As a result, Karnafuli river pollution has decreased a lot.

It was dumped about 5000 tons of city waste in the Karnafuli river every day. Toxic wastes from the industries that have sprung up around the river fall into the river.

Similarly, river pollution also being increased due to the furnace and burnt black oil from the ship every day. However, due to the COVID 19 epidemic, all the mills and factories are remind closed for nearly two months. As a result, the pollution in Karnafuli has come down a lot.

At the same time, the polluted black water is now much clearer. And after a long time in the river, dolphins can be seen again.

Mr. Aliur Rahman, general secretary of the River and Canal Protection Movement, Chattagram, said the Karnafuli pollution has come down a lot due to the closure of mills and factories. The water is becoming much clearer. At the same time, many fish are also seen.

On the other hand, due to Corona, positive changes have taken place in nature. Simultaneously, the amount of toxic dust in the air has decreased due to the closure of various development activities, including transportation and road digging.

A chemist Idris Ali said that positive changes had taken place in nature. The floating particles floating in the air are SPM2.5 is a very harmful particle, which is very scary for human breathing. That, too, has decreased a much now.

“Do not learn from the epidemic, the next world to reorganize the importance of the environmentalist” said Dr. Md. Manzoorul Kibria, Professor and Coordinator of Halda River Research Laboratory, Department of Zoology, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

He added, “if the world is not reorganized with lessons from the epidemic, then at some point, human civilization may also disappear.”

River researchers believe that 35 species of fish have become extinct from the Karnafuli River in the last 20 to 25 years due to pollution.

At this time of the Corona epidemic, nature has begun to adapt to reduce pollution. The COVID 19 epidemic will stop at some point, and everything will return to normal. However, experts believe that there is no alternative but to make everyone aware of if environmental pollution is to be reduced excessively.

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