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due to the adverse climate effects, the aman fields dried up due to drought in bangladesh
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Due to the adverse climate effects, the Aman fields dried up due to drought in Bangladesh

Due to the adverse climate effects, the Aman fields dried up due to drought in Bangladesh


The Aman fields dried up in the hot sun due to no rain during the Autumn in Bangladesh. In such a situation, additional money has to pay to irrigate the land with an electric motor or engine-driven pump.

In addition, irrigation water does not remain on the land for long. Farmers are bewildered in such a situation.

 For example, in the current season, Aman cultivation has been done in 0.1 million 3 thousand 155 hectares of land in the district Jinadha. The target area for cultivation was 0.1 million four thousand 750 hectares. According to the district agriculture department, the planting delay is due to the jute’s presence in the remaining target land.

Due to a lack of water, various crop fields of Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila have burst and turned into mud. Many lots of rice are dying. Many farmers are irrigating the land to save paddy. Each time the irrigating costs BDT.250 per Hactar.

A Farmer Name Akash of Udaipur village said, ”The land is bursting due to a lack of water. It has been almost a month since planting paddy, and still no improvement. Furthermore, fertilizer is not available to put on the land. When one goes to bring fertilizer to the market, they say there is no fertilizer, but if one pays more, he will get fertilizer.”

He also said, ‘’I had planted paddy on about two ha land. Now all the rice is dying. ”

Another farmer reported that he could not apply fertilizer after planting paddy due to a lack of water. The paddy fields are all torn up. Moreover, if there is no rain and planting rice with irrigation, there is not much profit. The yield is also not as expected. Still, we force to irrigate water.

Md. Zahidul Karim, Agricultural officer of Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila, said, ”We can say that the planting of Aman paddy here is almost over. The change in weather is visible this year.

The Autumn is over, and after Autumn, one month going on, but there is no rain. That is why farmers’ land is getting destroyed. They are irrigating with machines. Rain is essential with irrigation.

If it rains, the paddy will grow well. Still, we are trying to advance rice production as much as possible through irrigation.”

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