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environmental activist hossain sohel has started a program by locked himself in the cage to demand the release of animals and birds
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Environmental activist Hossain Sohel has started a program by “Locked himself in the cage” to demand the release of animals and birds

Environmental activist Hossain Sohel has started a program by “Locked himself in the cage” to demand the release of animals and birds


Hossain Sohail, an Environmental activist, and journalist have started a sit-in program at the foot of Raju Sculpture of Dhaka University (DU), demanding the release of all the caged animals in the world by imprisoning himself in an iron cage.

He is holding a special symbolic program at the foot of Dhaka University’s Raju Sculpture demanding their release, calling it ‘inhumane’ to keep animals and birds in cages as a hobby.

Sohail Hossain started the program in front of the Raju sculpture at around 11 am on August 20, 2022, which continued for the next three more days.

In this symbolic protest program, his slogan is “I want to be free; let me go to my abode without cages,” animals speak, but only to those who understand.

Hussain Sohel said, “Some consider petting birds in cages is a sign of love. Many people keep birds and various wild animals like rabbits and monkeys.

For many, these wildlife pets are the identity of nobility. However, keeping them in cages is inhumane. The world is not only for people. Here all animals have the right to free life. It is a natural law that a wild animal will hunt, be hunted, and reproduce.

Nevertheless, in a caged life, he does not get food, nor is there any provision to meet his biological needs. It is inhumane to imprison him without guilt. Animals must not confine in any way. This is our demand.”

Commenting on the extinction of wildlife due to cages, this journalist, who identified himself as an environmental activist, said,

“There is an arrangement when birds lay eggs and hatch babies. They build nests by collecting hay and straw. However, any bird does not get those materials when caged. As a result, her egg falls on the floor and bursts, which prevents the baby from hatching. Moreover, as a result, that species is gradually disappearing.”

The journalist further said,” This is my fight. I alone cannot change any system. However, I have shown that no bird or animal can be caged nor oppressed.

In exchange for money, these innocent animals can no longer be tortured. I could not change a long-standing system alone. So, the fight is with me. No government, politics, organizations, organizations individuals are involved here.

I want to suffer as caged animals suffer. All of you swear, I won’t lose. Those who love nature and love me will put their hands on my head so that I can survive for three days. Let all caged animals be free.”

Source: Green Page (Bangla)

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