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extraction of metals from the deep sea endangering aquatic species and the environment
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Extraction of metals from the deep sea endangering aquatic species and the environment

Extraction of metals from the deep sea endangering aquatic species and the environment


People are doing much damage to the environment and fauna by extracting metal from sea mines. The recovery of metals from the seabed predicts to cause severe damage to the Sea environment.

A United Nations body called the International Seabed Authority sets the rules and regulations for using deep-sea resources. In 1994, the European Union and 167 countries signed an agreement to control deep-sea mining.

So far, the authorities have only allowed research on polymetallic nodules, not excavations.

A German research project has been trying to determine the impact of Deep-Sea Mining for several years. The Geomar Research Center and the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology participated in that research.

Scientists have found that nodules play an essential role in the habitat of many animals for seabed life. Researcher Tania Stratman said, “We have seen many organisms associated with this manganese nodule.

The glass sponge looks like tulips. The long trunk and the main body grow by sticking to the nodules. Many species take refuge in nodules. “

In this research project, the effect of excavation across a few square meters of the seafloor has been simulated. The scale of large-scale commercial excavation, however, will be quite different.

Matthias Heckel of the ” Environmental effects of mining ” project said, “Thousands of square kilometers can destroy every year. Five to 10 centimeters above sea level, the vibrant flora and fauna will completely wiped out and destroyed.

That is where the main effect will happen. Any reconstruction or rescue in that area will take thousands of years. Many marine microorganisms and animals can be lost or destroyed if the device uses. Even small-scale research projects have changed the environment.”

Tania Stratman said, “We have seen that even in more than 25 years, most of the fields we have analyzed have not been able to cope.

As a result, even parts that can recover after the nodule disappears may take decades or even centuries, if possible. Once mining begins, even the ocean’s complex food chain can disrupt.”

So is there any way to make Deep Sea Mining sustainable?  Matthias Heckel thinks, “It is not sustainable because it is not new. It is up to society to decide whether it is acceptable to us or not. “

Therefore, if deep-sea nodules are out of reach, where will the metal come from to produce fuel that is more refined? First, we may recycle what we have already.

Precious metals must remove from batteries and other devices. Several companies are taking steps to improve the recycling process. At the same time, we can reduce consumption and use expensive metal-filled devices for a more extended period.

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