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Finally Turkey got blessed with rain but Heat waves continuing in Greece
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Finally Turkey got blessed with rain but Heat waves continuing in Greece

Finally Turkey got blessed with rain but Heat waves continuing in Greece


Southern Europe is burning due to extreme weather conditions. From Turkey to Greece, Several countries in Southern Europe experiencing blazes.

The flames were roaming across Turkey for the last 13 days. Finally, it got relieved after blessing with rain. A heavy rain cools down the ongoing flames in Southwestern turkey, which began late August 6 and early August 7, relieved the residents from extreme blazer Conditions.

Earlier, the country’s fire brigades tried to put out the fire spread from the Bush fires. Neighboring countries such as Iran, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, and the European Union have extended a helping hand. Among 61 provinces in Turkey, About 200 fires broke out in 48 provinces.

Greece, meanwhile, suffered the most as of August 10, Tuesday morning. Thousands of residents become homeless. Ten people have already died. One of them is a firefighter. Many people were admitted to the hospital for inhaling the fire smoke.

Inflammation is going on in Greece, which is the deadliest in the last decade. Under such circumstances, terrible fires have spread to Greece after Turkey. The blaze has been raging since Saturday night.

Locals are being evacuated from the area quickly. They are leaving the house helplessly. Two hundred people were evacuated on Saturday night.

Within the last few days, around 154 wildfires have taken place in Greece. Greece is trying to extinguish 74 of them. People have been evacuated from many areas. Helicopters and planes have been brought down to bring the fire under control.

It is getting challenging to cool down the fire. Already 300 firefighters, 35 fire trucks, ten aircraft are involved in the rescue operation, but still, the situation is out of control.

The soldiers of that country have also joined the rescue operation. Due to this situation, the average temperature in Greece is currently hovering between 42 and 45 degrees Celsius. It has never been so hot since 1987.

Southern Europe is burning under the influence of fires. The first wildfires started in Sicily, Italy. Now that fire is spreading to different parts of Italy. After Hundreds of attempts, the fire is still out of control.

The whole forest is burning in the fire. Houses are being destroyed. Thousands of people are fleeing in search of a haven. Around 138 fires occurred in 30 regions of Turkey. Among them, 11 large fires are still burning.

According to the latest update, Turkey sends two firefighting planes to Greece to help put out the fire.

As Greece called out for help, 20 countries from Europe and the Middle East have sent planes, helicopters, Firefighting vehicles, and Manpower to cool down the fire. Well, it is tough to say When the Situation is going to be entirely under control.

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