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green human chain in 11 countries to make the world aware of saving the environment
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‘Green Human Chain’ in 11 countries to make the world aware of saving the environment

‘Green Human Chain’ in 11 countries to make the world aware of saving the environment

The Global Law Thinkers Society (GLTS) has organized a program on March 26, 2023, to create ‘green human Chains’ in 11 countries, including Bangladesh, to make the world aware of protecting the environment and combating climate change.

The voluntary organization organized the program on Monday under the slogan ‘Green war, green liberation, stop climate change together.’

The program included a 26-minute Green human wall or chain at Dhaka’s Manik Mia Avenue. On this day, Green Human Walls were organized in India, Nepal, Mexico, Pakistan, Malaya, Ivory Coast, Hungary, Gambia, Cameroon, and Australia.

Apart from this, the ‘Green Human Walls’ were held in nine other districts of Bangladesh. The organizer claimed that this Green Human Wall had created a world record in protecting the global green.

Sharif Jamil, the executive coordinator of WATERKEEPERS BANGLADESH and environmental activist, was the Dhaka event’s chief guest. Jamal Uddin Shikder, National Deputy Commissioner (Health) of Scouts in Bangladesh, and Dave Dowland, Registrar of BRAC University, were the special guests.

Ahsanul Alam John, General Secretary of GLTS, and Raoman Smita, President of GLTS and Guardians Of Earth, spoke at the event. Mahir Dayan, Co-founder of Green United Nation, a co-organization of GLTS, moderated the event.

Sharif Jamil said, “Climate change has become a major problem and disaster in the universe. Now is the time to fight to protect the green.”  Ahsanul Alam John said, “This movement should be spread among the students and through this solidarity will be created to save the environment.”

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