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Habiganj in the Midst of Environmental Disaster
Bangladesh Zeba Tarannum

Habiganj in the Midst of Environmental Disaster

Habiganj in the Midst of Environmental Disaster

By Zeba Tarannum

Habiganj was once known as the city of ponds in Bangladesh. But Habiganj has lost its heritage and now facing an environmental catastrophe.


There were ponds and reservoirs a decade ago; now, there are various establishments, including Buildings, Shopping malls, and Truckstands. The reservoir is being filled with garbage.

After inspecting various ponds and reservoirs in the city yesterday and last Sunday, a delegation from the Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) (Bangladesh Environment Movement) expressed such an impression.


This opinion was given by the BAPA through a press release this afternoon. They also said that the Habiganj municipal authorities had allocated the budget for the shopping mall’s construction by filling the pond.

Along with various individuals, government and non-government organizations are filling up ponds and reservoirs. Although there is a law against filling ponds and reservoirs, it is not adequately enforced in Habiganj.

The inspection led by BAPA’s Central General Secretary Sharik Jamil, the delegation included BAPA’s Habiganj Branch General Secretary Tofazzal Sohel, Life Member, and Shahjalal University of Science and Technology’s Professor Zahirul Haque.

Sharif Jamil said that any city’s ponds and natural water bodies are the Rainy region of that city, Which causes waterlogging due to filling. Visible development is possible at a low cost by renovating any reservoir.

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