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Hurricane Delta hits the United States, flood warning issued
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Hurricane Delta hits the United States, flood warning issued

Hurricane Delta hits the United States, flood warning issued

The United States has experienced more storms and damage this year than the last few years. Last Friday night, Hurrican Delta, the 10th storm of the season, hit the country.

As a result, the state of Louisiana received at least 12 inches of rain. However, parts of southwestern Louisiana has recorded up to 17 inches of rainfall. This has caused terrible waterlogging in the city.

Moreover, a flood warning has been issued due to heavy rains.

According to the US news agency CNN, Hurricane Delta initially had a Category 2 strength, but quickly lost its power and dropped to Category 1.

Even then, the damage was not less. At least 615,000 homes and business organizations along the coast have been cut off due to the storm, which has damaged trees and power poles. However, no casualties have been reported so far.

Louisiana Governor Edward said more than 3,000 National Guard members are working in Louisiana after the disaster.

Over there, about nine and a half thousand residents have been taken to safe shelter. He said 25 percent of the state’s consumers were without power.

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