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india has eight of the ten most polluted cities in asia
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India has eight of the ten most polluted cities in Asia

India has eight of the ten most polluted cities in Asia

Pollution is gradually increasing in India. Evidence has found that this fear is not unfounded. In the list of the ten most polluted cities in Asia, eight cities are in India. However, the name of New Delhi is not on that list.

The name of Gurugram is at the top of the published list of the World Air quality index (AQI). The AQI value of this city is 679. Next in position is Dharuhera, a town near Rewari, Haryana, India.

Its value in the AQI list is 543. Then the city is Muzaffarpur in Bihar, which a value is 316. Other cities in India that are on the AQI list are Talkator, Lucknow, DRCC Anandpur, Begusarai, Bhopal, Chouraha, Dewa, Kharakpara, Kalyan,  Darshan Nagar, and Chhapra. Apart from India, this list includes China’s port city of Luzhou and Mongolia’s Bangkhoshu.

In general, an AQI above 100 is bad enough. Exceeding 300 means it is hazardous for health. Accordingly, the air pollution in Gurugram, Dharuhera, and Muzaffarpur is at a hazardous level., which shows the overall dire picture of air pollution in India.

However, the relief in this list is that RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM in Andhra Pradesh is among the cities with the best air quality.

The name of Delhi has been omitted from the list. Every year around this time, i.e., Diwali, the air pollution in this city becomes huge.

So, it cannot be said for sure that the pollution in the capital city will not touch new levels after the festival days. During the COVID- 19’s lockdown, the pollution levels in Indian cities have reduced, but experts are shocked by how the situation has become dire.

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