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innovative training is going on to create a pollution free environment in burdwan, india
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Innovative training is going on to create a pollution-free environment in Burdwan, India

Innovative training is going on to create a pollution-free environment in Burdwan, India


East Burdwan district administration is taking the initiative to create a pollution-free environment by scientifically processing toilet waste or leach peat. UNICEF organized a one-day training camp at Sanskriti Lokmancha in Burdwan, West Bengal, India, with the cooperation of the Panchayat and Rural Development Department and East Burdwan District Council. A total of 42 delegates from 6 districts participated in the training camp.

One delegate from UNICEF and two delegates from CCDS conducted the training. However, the ‘Leach Pit’ processing project has already started in the Kalna-1 block as a pilot project.

According to district administration sources, the district administration constructed various community toilets under the ‘Nirmal Bangla’ project. There is a possibility of spreading pollution in the environment from the remains of those toilets, i.e., ‘leach peat.’

As a result, the ‘Nirmal Bangla’ project may disrupt. Fertilizer will make through complete processing of toilet waste through this management. For this, infrastructure will build in different rural and urban areas.

This waste will process through specific machines. This project has already started in the Kalna-1 block of the district. There are plans to launch it in all district areas in the coming days.

After collecting waste from different toilets in the area, it will be processed in a specific machine to make fertilizer used in agriculture. On the one hand, it will possible to decontaminate into the environment. Besides, the organic manure required for land use will be readily available. They developed a system to collect waste from the rural and urban areas and identify land for processing.

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