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insects reproduction is declining due to climate change
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Insects’ reproduction is declining due to climate change

Insects’ reproduction is declining due to climate change


Climate change and widespread agricultural expansion have a significant negative impact on the reproduction of insects.

A recent study, “The number of insects has halved in different parts of the world, with the greatest decline occurring in the tropics.”

Researchers in the United Kingdom say that before some insects become extinct, it is essential to acknowledge how humans threaten insects.

Dr. Charlie Authwaite, leader of this research team at University College London (UCL), said, “Insect reduction can be detrimental to the natural environment and human health and food security.

The importance of sustaining the ecosystem of insects has come up in the data of this study. Excessive agricultural expansion needs to slow down, and carbon emissions need to reduce to prevent climate change.”

This declining rate of insect reproduction has caused widespread concern around the world. However, this process is not the same in different parts of the world.

The insects have decreased, but the situation has not changed much somewhere. Researchers have collected samples and data of about 20,000 insects, including bees, ants, butterflies, grasshoppers, and dragonflies, from about 6,000 places in different areas for the study.

The data analysis showed that in areas where warming and agriculture are minor, the number of insects is 49 percent lower. The number of other animals is 27 percent lower than in areas prone to over-cultivation and over-heating.

However, researchers still hope that a separate shelter can create for insects that need shade in hot weather.

Researcher Dr. Tim Newbold added, “Natural forests could develop in areas where agriculture is widespread so that the necessary insects can breed in the cultivated areas as well.”

Peter McConnell, another researcher, said, “We need to understand the importance of insects to the environment as a whole. We also need to acknowledge that we are threatening them before some species become extinct. “

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