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international cooperation needed to implement adaptation plan, prime minister of bangladesh
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International cooperation needed to implement adaptation plan: Prime Minister of Bangladesh

International cooperation needed to implement adaptation plan: Prime Minister of Bangladesh


Sheikh Hasina, the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, said, “The world’s largest multi-storied housing project for climate migrants is under construction in Khorushkul, Cox’s Bazar.”

The Prime Minister has sought the cooperation of international partners in implementing the National Adaptation Plan (NAP).

She said, ‘We need 230 billion US dollars from domestic and international sources to implement NAP. Bangladesh is trying to get an international climate fund so that Bangladesh can allocate an equal amount of money for adaptation and mitigation.

The Prime Minister announced the opening of the ‘Global Hub on Locally Led Adaptation ‘ by joining the Foreign Service Academy of Dhaka virtually from Ganabhaban.

“Bangladesh’s government now spends 6/7 percent of its GDP on climate adaptation. Bangladesh has recently launched NAP for 2023-2050. After COP 15, Bangladesh established a Climate Change Trust Fund in 2009 with its resources, and this fund has so far implemented 800 climate adaptation and mitigation projects. NAP will complement the work done under our Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 and Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan.

I invite our partners from the public and private sectors at the international level to join us in this effort in the spirit of the Paris Agreement,” the PM added.

“We must all redouble our efforts to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The Government of Bangladesh will extend all possible support to the Global Hub on the locally-led adaptation project.

We are delighted to receive another offer from Bangladesh for climate-vulnerable people worldwide,’ she said while urging major carbon-emitting countries to increase their Nationally Determined Contributions.

The Prime Minister said, “People of Bangladesh have lived with natural disasters for ages and have acquired a resilience against floods, tidal waves, cyclones, and other hazards.

They have learned to adapt to the changing course of nature, and combined efforts have made Bangladesh a climate adaptation hub. Besides planting trees, we have also launched the Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP).

The CPP now consists of over 76,000 volunteers. We are still following his (Bangabandhu’s) instructions to plan climate action.”

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