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japan is launching hydrogen powered trains to protect the environment
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Japan is launching hydrogen-powered trains to protect the environment

Japan is launching hydrogen-powered trains to protect the environment


Japan has set a goal of reducing carbon emissions to zero by 2050. The country is also working towards this goal. That goal now reaches one step ahead. The first hydrogen-powered train is going to launch in Japan.

The trial run of the train will start next month. The two-compartment train called ‘Hibari’ is US$ 3.5 crore. Once filled with hydrogen fuel, the train will travel 140 kilometers continuously at a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

According to Live Mint, a local news media of Japan informed that the train has built by East Japan Railway in partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation and Hitachi Limited. Commercial transport, i.e., passenger transport, may start in 2030.

The world is considering hydrogen as a significant source of renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions to zero. The country’s government says it aims to increase hydrogen to 20 million tons by 2050.

Toyota aims to increase the production of hydrogen-powered Mirai cars ten times. In addition, they will launch more hydrogen-powered buses and commercial transport on the road.

Fuel companies such as Iwatani Corporation and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Limited build hydrogen supply systems to reduce prices.

Europe is ahead of the world in terms of hydrogen-powered trains. In 2018, the world’s first hydrogen-powered train began operating in Germany.

The train manufacturer was Alstom SA. Siemens AG, and Deutsche Welle AG are building new regional trains and unique fuel stations. They will get tested in 2024.

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