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millions of dead fish off the french coast of the atlantic ocean
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Millions of dead fish off the French coast of the Atlantic Ocean

Millions of dead fish off the French coast of the Atlantic Ocean


Millions of dead fish have floated off the French coast of the Atlantic Ocean. A non-governmental organization called Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Sea Shepherd a picture of the dead fish floating on the sea in its Twitter account. The French government has since taken the initiative to investigate the incident.

Sea Shepherd shared the photo and tweeted, ‘The incident took place on the La Rochelle coast in the Bay of Biscay. Four ships, including FV Margiris (the world’s second-largest factory ship), were fishing. Floating dead fishes were subspecies of marine cod.

The Pelagic Freezer-trawler Association (PFA), an organization of factory ship owners, stated the incident as “We understand how such images can affect people’s minds.

We want to clarify that at about 5:50 A.M. on February 7 (2022), a large number of blue-and-white fishes were unwittingly released into the sea from the Margiris ship by tearing the nets while catching marine cod.”

Describing such accidents as “rare,” the statement added that unexpected overfishing caused the accident was. According to European Union law, the incident and the amount of damage were recorded in the ship’s logbook, and the ship’s owner was shortly notified.

Anik Girardin, Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, French, called the incident a “Catastrophe” and said in a tweet that “The sighting of a large number of dead fish is disturbing, and authorities have been asked to begin an investigation.” So that we can identify the causes of this incident. “

In the tweet, Girardin added, “France supports fishing legally. In this case, the French issue has not been taken into account.

Therefore, in case of violation of the law, the culprits will be identified, and the responsible ship-owner will be banned. ‘

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