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no one can cut trees without government approval
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No one can cut trees without government approval

No one can cut trees without government approval: Cabinet secretary, Bangladesh


The Government of Bangladesh will enact a new law titled “Bangladesh Forest Industry Development Corporation (BFIDC) Act, 2022”.

Afterward, every individual has to seek approval from the Government to cut down trees of their land. Khandaker Anwarul Islam, Secretary of the cabinet, informed about the draft law on Feb 7, 2022.

The cabinet secretary said, “There will be a corporation under the Forest Industry Development Act which will include a Chairman and a Coordinating Board of Directors.

The board will make all kinds of policy decisions. The use of forest resources should be modernized and environmentally friendly. We will switch to Sawed wood, furniture, electric poles, railway sleeper construction materials, and extract more rubber from the rubber plantation. “

“Agar trees in Juri Upazila of Moulvibazar district will be under the law. No individual can cut down trees without approval. However, people can get access to online approval for cutting down trees quickly and in a short time.

The forest industry law is enacted to protect forests and all kinds of trees and forests. Approval will require, in any case, cutting down trees for the construction of government facilities or roads. One of the purposes of this law is to protect the forest industries,” the Secretary continued.

Anwarul Islam said, ‘A considerable forest existing on the north side of Bangabandhu Bridge over the Jamuna River. There are many kinds of snakes, monkeys, and other insects in this forest.

It is no less than the Sundarbans. Therefore, no one can intentionally cut the trees. This law is in force in different countries of the world. One of the purposes of this law is to provide security to all types of forest industries.”

Numerous trees have already felled in constructing the four-lane Dhaka-Chattagram highway. Additionally, the cabinet secretary stated that additional laws would ensure punishment if trees fell without permission.

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